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scaffolding rental service

Scaffolding Rental Service in Tran Gia Company – In the construction field, the scaffolding is one of the most important equipment to carry out the construction and complete the works. However, not all the construction companies have enough scaffold equipment of sufficient quality or cost to equip. Therefore, the scaffolding rental service was born to support the contractors. To help the contractors feel peace of mind because of the quality and safe equipment. One of the most reputable scaffolding supplier in the Vietnamese market is Tran Gia Company; which with the belief and good quality have been affirmed for many years.

wedge lock k stage scaffold for rent

Tran Gia is one of the most trusted scaffold company in Vietnam

The benefits of scaffolding rental service

As mentioned above, scaffolding is the important equipment in the construction. So the scaffolding rental service is interested by many businesses and contractors. Especially the contractors in charge of the big projects or high buildings. Because the scaffolding system greatly affects the quality of construction and also the labor safety. 

The benefit of using the service of scaffolding service is that the suppliers have a variety of scaffold types; which is suitable for each contrustion. However, when taking this option, the customers should take attention to the quality of the scaffolding. The reason is that many rental service companies have bad quality scaffolds; which could endanger for the users.

One more benefit of renting the scaffolding is saving cost for the contractors. If, the contractors purchase new scaffolds for each construction, it would costs a lot and that is not a good idea. Therefore, the contractors use the scaffolding rental service would help them only pay a much lower cost.

1m7 Scaffold Frame H

One of the Tran Gia scaffolding project

Tran Gia Scaffolding – The reliable scaffolding rental service

Tran Gia was born to meet an increasing demand of scaffolding rental need. Tran Gia company offers to the customers many types of scaffold; which are suitable for many scale of constructions. Therefore, all contractors can be assured that the equipment is always available for the needs.

In addition, all the scaffolding of Tran Gia are committed to the highest quality. From the production to the repair and maintenance. To ensure the maximum safety and reliability of the scaffolds; Tran Gia applies a strict product inspection and supervision process. So all scaffolds brought to the customers are in the best state; which brings the best efficiency to the projects.

In particular, Tran Gia is improving a new technology and manufacturing process. Which produces the most reliable, durable and cost-effective scaffolding. Therefore, Tran Gia is always committed to the most competitive prices in the market compared to competitors.

The proffesional and dedicated Scaffolding Rental Service

Tran Gia not only focuses on improving the product quality but also the customer experience. When the customers contact to Tran Gia for a need of using scaffolding rental service, Tran Gia company staff will advise to the customers:

  • The specific category
  • The Quantity
  • The Quotes
  • The shipping methods
  • And the payment which most suitable to the customer’s condition

As a result, the customers will visualize the total cost as well as the scaffolding distribution plan.

Tran Gia also provice prop, not only scaffolding rental service

Props are produced by Tran Gia

Besides, the customers have right to check the scaffold product before receive. If there is a fault, Tran Gia will assist in the shortest time. In the process of using the product, whatever problems occur, Tran Gia will always accompany the customers to solve and make sure not to affect the work of the customers.

Purlin and Scaffolding Rental Service in Tran Gia

Purlin Rental Service

Thanks to the prestige and profesionalism, Tran Gia have been trusted by many partners such as: Long Giang Land, Cotecons, Vietlight M&E, SGC, Lotus Construction, Hoa Binh Corp, Descon, Anh Minh Anh, 39 Cons, etc. If you want to use Tran Gia scaffolding rental service, please come to our website at: for advice and get a quote! Thank you vey much.